How do we support siblings of a sister or brother who has an eating disorder? Paraag Marathe, the President of 49ers Enterprises & Executive VP of Football Operations, opens up about his experience as a brother living with anorexia. In this clip, he reflects on what his support needs were at the time. He shares about the power of sibling connection and offers support tips for siblings today.

Sibling Resources
Kym and Bridget have teamed up to create a sibling survey to better understand the sibling experience and their needs. If you are a sibling or know one, this confidential survey is still open.

Pilot Sibling Group – If you would like to connect with other siblings and are over 18 years please contact Kym Piekunka at for information on this Pilot Program.

About the Interviewers:
Kym & Bridget were connected over their interest around the eating disorder impact to siblings. Kym is a sibling whose sister Kacy lost her 15-year illness to bulimia. Bridget is a psychotherapist who has worked with the eating disorder population for many years. Together, they created a sibling survey that to date has 309 responses. This survey is providing valuable data about the sibling experience and their support needs. Kym and Bridget are currently sharing this information at conferences and a variety of speaking engagements.

Kym Piekunka – Has created a website for siblings who would like to hear other sibling stories and learn they are not alone! She is currently in development of sibling support groups. For more information please visit,

Bridget Whitlow, LMFT is a therapist in San Francisco. To learn more about Bridget’s practice, please visit