Despite how healthy or unhealthy the family prior to the eating disorder, there is a shakeup.

As the health and safety needs of the sufferer are the number one priority, all the attention and energy are directed their way. However, over time communication, connection and care for self and family tend to fall away. This is why it is imperative, all loved ones are provided invaluable tools specific to their family needs.

One of the more important tools being Communication.

In this video, I have a candid, unedited and first time conversation with my Mom, Jeannie, about the impact my sister’s eating disorder had on our relationship. There was a profound crack in the foundation of our home as the pain, stress, sadness and shame eroded our ability to communicate, care and connect with one another. This is one story and I look forward to hearing from other siblings!

As with all my interviews, I want to thank my Mom for having the courage to participate after years of blame and shame.

Recovery is a process and you will see we are still working hard to come back from losing my sister, not having access to family therapy, needed support or evidence-based treatment. But you’ll see healing it is possible!