A sister Voice – Sharing her story so other siblings have tools & understand they are not alone.

Leah’s younger sister Sarah developed an eating disorder around the age of 12 and died from complications on April 29, 2003. For Leah, it was a life-changing moment to meet someone who was a sibling and also lost her sister to an eating disorder. In this video Leah shares her experience, what she wished she had, tips and tools for siblings and parents as well as a message of hope. Leah is a passionate advocate involved with the DC NEDA Walk since 2011 and becoming the Walk Coordinator in 2013. She continues as a team captain of Sarah’s Squad, which has raised over $55,000. Her work has been so dynamic, NEDA awarded Leah the 2014 Robbie Munn Volunteer of the Year Award.

Learning how to support siblings.

I am honored to interview Leah, the first sibling I met. It was an emotional moment of connection and we believe all siblings should have this experience! We had an incredible time sharing our perspective and…the video is long. But the content is powerful so for your convenience, I have listed the topic locations. Please read more about Leah below.
1:15 – Leah and Sarah’s Story.
6:44 – Why is the sibling story relevant?
13:58 – Having language to speak to your sister or brother.
21:18 – Sibling feelings.
27:45 – Boundaries.
33:56 – How friends provide a sense of normalcy.
36:47 – How parents can provide siblings space from the eating disorder.
39:46 – Leah’s wish list for siblings.
43:39 – The importance of education and ending silence and shame.
47:29 – The power of connection.
53:26 – Leah’s final thought of hope.

More About Leah

Leah Siskin Moz is the Director of Dialogue and Inclusion at Hillel International. Through the integration of Ask Big Questions® content and training, Leah equips campus staff and students with the skills and tools to engage in meaningful dialogue and community building. Leah is an expert in group facilitation and scaling positive youth development initiatives. She is currently a facilitator for AWARE, the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse’s healthy relationships program. She earned a Certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown University, a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College.