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Sibling Stories

Eating Disorders, Siblings & Boundaries When Leaving Home

What happens when you want to leave home and your sibling is ill with an eating disorder? How do you separate? How do you cope with the many feelings? Teaching boundaries, providing sibling support and helping them live a full life free of guilt and shame is vital. Megan shares [...]

Eating Disorders, Coping & The Sibling Role

When there is an eating disorder how do siblings cope? What is their role? How do they handle their own stress? Megan courageously talks about what it felt like to live with two sisters who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa. She shares her anxieties and how she learned to cope. This [...]

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Demons, Suicide & Mental Health!

Three suicides. Three sad losses. My neighbor's family quietly removed furniture and posted a "for sale" on her lawn. People averted their eyes. Few spoke of the reason for her death. Despite the discomfort, there [...]